What is USB Type C? Top 5 feature of USB Type C port.

The trend of USB Type C has increased for some time. USB cables have been used in many smartphones including Google Nexus and Microsoft Lumia. Although the introduction of USB Type C is still in the smartphone, it is being used for laptops, computers and tablets for a very long time. From OnePlus to SanDisk USB Type C has launched their products.
According to Tech Expert Adarsh Chaturvedi – In the coming times most of the smartphones will start using USB Type C.
Type C is also fast and durable with other USB.
What is USB Type C?
This kind of cable support gives the device the option of multiple connectivity. It is also equipped with the fastest technique to transfer data.
How To Use In Phone:
You have a phone with a Micro USB port and if you want to use USB Type C, you have to take a small connector.
Get rid of multiple ports:
The most important feature of the USB Type Port is that you do not need multiple port for smartphones. This is because music can also be heard from the port which you charge your mobile. Just for this you need to have a USB Type Port C Headphone.
Speed of data transfer doubles:
Type C works on the new version 3.1 of USB 3.0. The old version of USB 3.0 was This version transfers data at a maximum speed of 5GBPS. Type C supports USB 3.1. This version transfers data from 10GBps speed. For fast data transfer, you can choose a smartphone with a USB Type C port.
Easy to use:
In common USB you can connect it from one end to the phone and from the other end to the computer. But this does not happen in the USB Type C You can use it from any end. One advantage of this charger is that the same charger can be used for laptops, tablets and phones.
Size is too low:
USB Type C is smaller and slim than the older USB. Its width is 8.4mm and height is 2.6mm.
Fast charging:
The phone or tablet battery from USB Type C also charges quickly. Where old cable is able to supply power up to 5 volt. The same, the USB Type C port is capable of supplying up to 20 volts. You can also charge other phones from the USB Type C port.



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