What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an excellent Ad Network whose parent company is “Google“. This helps us earn money from our blog. Its main work is to give an advertisement to the Blog / Website Owner by cutting its share of the high quality content and showing the Ad on Blogs / Websites with more Traffic, which has received this Revenue from Advertising on Blog / Website. It pays to Blogger according to Cost-Per-Click and CPI (Cost-Per-Impression). It posts Advertise on a blog keeping in mind Google Blog Content, User Location and many other factors. These ads are in the form of Text, Image, Video or Interactive Media Contents.

What are the Benefits of Google Adsense?

The biggest advantage of Google Adsense is that using it can earn money from your blog. When a visitor clicks on the ads placed on your blog, you get the money. The second biggest advantage is to be easy Getting Google Adsense Approval for the first time is a bit daunting task, but once you approve it, you will not have any problems if you follow its rules. Being a Contextual Ad Network is a benefit.

Contextual Ad Network means that it only applies Ads related to your blog’s Niche / Field on your blog.

For example, on a blog related to a Tech Review, Google Adsense will use ads related to Tech such as Mobile,software,apps etc. This increasing your clicks increases your income.

It also uses another method to show ads called cookie method. In Cookie Method, it shows ads based on Visitor’s Search History. This method also increases the possibility of clicking.

Apart from this, the biggest advantage of Google AdSense is that it makes you pay directly in your bank account.



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