What is Adsense PIN and why is it necessary?

Adsense PIN is a 4 digit code that Google Adsense sends to your address by post.

This PIN is sent to your AdSense account when it’s $ 10. Once you receive the PIN, you have to log in to Google Adsense through it. This is actually sent to Verify your address. If you do not receive this PIN at a time, you can try it twice more.

PIN is sent three times in a row and if you do not receive it in three times, Google Adsense will ask you to upload the ID Card and after uploading the ID you will not need a PIN.

Can an Adsense Account be Used on Multiple Blogs?

Yes, once your Google Adsense Account is approved, you can use it on Unlimited Domains. Not only on blogs, you can also use the same account on Youtube and other Google Adsense products. You do not need to create separate Adsense accounts for every blog, service or product.


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