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Top 50+ High PR Do – Follow Backlink List Best Way To Create Backlink

Backlinks, as clearly as the name, those links that connect your webpage to another webpage. The second page can be on your own website and also on any other website. The link appearing on any other page that visitors visit on your page is called Backlinks. They are also called Inbound Links (IBLs). These are called Backlink because they point your page to another page from another page.
The backlinks that are located in our own website are called Internal Links and Backlink located on another website called External Link. With proper use of quality backlinks, your website’s Search Engine Ranking is greatly improved.

Backlinks also help Search Engine to find links to your website and access them to your website. Especially for a new website or blog, it is also important to create quality backlinks because they make quick search for your site and indexing easier for Search Engines. At the same time, they send Refferal Traffic to your website or blog, which is Targeted Traffic and its Bounce rate is very low.

1 http://quora.com/

2 http://itsmyurls.com/

3 https://goodreads.com/

4 http://professionalontheweb.com

5 listgraphy.com

6 http://about.me

7 http://disqus.com

8 http://blogcatalog.com

9 http://bizsugar.com

10 http://zotero.org

11 http://ted.com

12 http://panoramio.com

13 http://listography.com

14 http://zizics.com

15 http://theloop.com.au

16 instapaper.com

17 http://yatedo.com

18 http://naymz.com

19 http://wayn.com

20 http://tumblr.com

21 http://pinterest.com

22 http://openstreetmap.org

23 http://klout.com

24 http://30boxes.com

25 http://themeforest.net

26 fancy.com

27 http://us.blastingnews.com

28 http://folked.com

29 http://colourlovers.com

30 http://knowem.com

31 http://myfolio.com

32 https://plaxo.com

33 https://github.com

34 http://livejournal.com

35 https://myspace.com

36 https://dailystrength.org

37 https://flickr.com

38 https://branded.me

39 http://imgfave.com

40 https://500px.com

41 https://linkedin.com

42 https://issuu.com

43 http://answers.com

44 https://storify.com

45 http://visual.ly

46 https://crunchbase.com

47 https://facebook.com

48 imgur.com

49 http://ranker.com

50. https://plus.google.com

51. Last.fm

52. knowyourmeme.com

Apart from these methods, you can also use Social Media, Blog Directories and Public Forums to get quality backlinks. Quality backlinks improve to be useful in increasing traffic and always useful in SEO.



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