Top 10 Niches for Blogging in India 2018

Top 10 Niches for Blogging in India
Top 10 Niches for Blogging in India

Hey Guys, Welcome to Our Website in this article I am going to tell you Top 10 Niches for Blogging in India 2018 so read this article till the end.

What is the Most Common Reason for Bloggers to Fail?

7 out of 10 bloggers fail because they are not able to decide their niche. A niche is a topic on which you will be writing your blog. Most of the new bloggers fail because they are not able to decide a niche.


Your entire keyword research would depend upon choosing a niche. You have to design the content of your blog around a particular niche. If you do not realize the importance of it, then you are bound to fail.

So it better for Indian bloggers to choose only that niche which profitable and pay you good money. I have given 10 such niches.

Importance of Choosing a Right Niche

If you target for a right niche then you could make more money. Here is the importance of the right niche.

1. Get Authority  – By writing about a particular niche, you get a better idea of a particular topic. You can research better & write better than others on your blog. This way your readers, as well as search engines, treat you as an authority in a particular topic.

2. Better monetization – Whether you use AdSense, affiliate marketing or provide consultancy to make money through your blog, you can monetize better. Google can target better ads with better CPC & CTR.

3. Better ranking – You will be able to target better in search engines & get better ranking in results. You could attract more traffic.

4. Get More Readers – If your blog targets a particular niche then you could reach out to the right kind of audience. Therefore, you get more readers for your blog.

How to Choose a Perfect Niche?

You should choose a niche which is high in demand. It means people are searching for that particular niche on the internet.

You should jot down all those keywords related to a particular niche and see how many people are searching for it. You can use Google keyword tool to find it more.

Then the next thing to see is what the competition is. It means how many another blogger just like you who are writing on it.

If there are more blogger writing on that niche then competition is very high. So you should choose a niche with high in search volume but less competition.

This is the right way to choose a niche.

Top 10 Niches for Blogging in India 2018-19

Here I am writing about top 10 niches that are in high demand & can earn you a good & stable income. Indian bloggers can choose any one of them.


On health and fitness, no one is writing. At least in India very few are writing about this topic. Outside India, there are some good blogs on it.

But if you want to cater to the Indian public then there are only a few of them who write in India.

If you have any idea about health and fitness then you could start a blog on it. Google AdSense program also pays well for this niche.


Jobs and career are one of the hot topics you can think about. There are very few authority blogs on this. If you think, you can become an authority by providing value, then this is the best niche you can think about.

There are many searches for it on daily basis and competition is also low for many categories because only a few people are writing about it.

So you could choose this niche to start a new blog.


This niche is very easy to write although there are many bloggers who write for it. But I am suggesting it because you can write about it very easily.

Anyone knows about music, entertainment, and movies. You have to cover Bollywood and other areas of the film industry.

Competition is going to be a little bit tough but this topic is very much in demand by the readers in India. So go for it.


Again this is also a bit tough but you can write easily about it. If you are an engineering graduate then it will be easy for you to start a blog on a laptop or mobile phones.

Yes, competition is there but you could make good money. Programs like Google Adsense are ready to pay enough money for this niche.

Technology is perhaps a most popular niche for blogging.


Matrimony sites and dating sites would come under this niche. You cannot create a website like but you can create a good blog on this niche.

The younger generation of India is coming to the Internet for finding out relationships and dating tips. You can help them through your blog.

So this can be the topic of your blog that you are starting.


There is a lack of good sports bloggers in India. You hardly find any good Indian blog on sports.

You can fill this gap by creating a blog on sports, especially Cricket and IPL. You know more and more premier league are coming to India.

You can start a blog covering all these events. People would love to read your blog.

Moreover, there is great money to be made.


This is yet another area which is totally neglected in India. All the websites or blogs related to arts & culture are from the USA.

Here, you could hardly find any website, not even one you can name.

Although arts and culture is a bit difficult niche and not every one of you could write a blog on it but it could be very profitable if you write.


Real estate and properties are also a good niche to write. If you have knowledge about this niche then definitely you could have a blog.

Google AdSense could pay you very high CPC for this topic.


Banking and finance is a very common niche but in India, only a few bloggers are writing on it.

You can explore this topic by starting a new blog.

Millions of people search for banking and finance solution. If you have any ideas then start blogging on it.


Last but not the least niche for your blog would be Automobile. 1You could write about cars and motorbikes popular in India.

Many young students have a passion for cars so you can use this passion for starting a new blog.

I recommend Indian bloggers to choose one niche out of 10 and start a blog on it.



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