Status Saver, Pause it, Bubble Chat, Prank Chats +7 more in one App for WhatsApp

Status Saver, Pause it, Bubble Chat, Prank Chats +7 more in one App for WhatsApp

Pause works with women who have had children removed, usually as a result of care proceedings. The programme aims to support individuals with complex lives to develop new skills, change behaviours, and create a better future.

The Pause App is an innovative tool for Pause Practitioners to consult during day-to-day work with their clients. Offering expert written guidance, multimedia videos and interactive maps, the App is designed to be an indispensable ‘pocket practice guide’ for conscientious and busy Pause staff.

Practitioners will also find useful links and resources designed to strengthen and inform the work they do with women.

For public users, the Pause App brings you the latest news and updates in an easy to use format.

Don’t want whatsapp to disturb you? Turn it off. Not the internet of your device

Pause It is the fist app that let you leave whatsapp without internet connectivity where all other apps of your devide works the same with internet.

With Pause It you can turn off whatsapp whenever you feel Whatsapp messages are disturbing too much and you dont even need to turn wifi/mobile data off.


Important: Make sure whatsapp is not running in the background.

You can watch your favourite videos on youtube without Whatsapp messages disturbing you as Whatsapp is having no internet connection.

You can listen to music, use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Watch movies, etc. and you will have complete enjoyment of your choice without Whatsapp distraction.

Having a date with your loved one,with family or at office meeting where you need inetenet but no Whatsapp messages so just use Pause It. And Whatsapp will not cause you any more irritation to you.

We are just taking Whatsapp out from internet so you dont need to turn off wifi/mobile data.

Yes its possible with Pause It now.