PUBG Snow Map – Launched Date, Snow Map Leaks

PUBG Snow Map – Launched Date, Snow Map Leaks

Hey Guys, Welcome to Our Website in this article I am going to tell you PUBG Snow Map – Launched Date, Snow Map Leaks so read this article till the end.

PUBG Snow Map – Launched Date, Snow Map Leaks

The upcoming map in PUBG MOBILE is Snow map and it is specially designed for winter and I am 100% sure this map will come in the winter session.PUBG New Map Name Snow Map is the new map of PUBG MOBILE, and PUBG MOBILe is not officially announced this map original name but the next.

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PUBG Vikendi Map is getting much discussion around the world. Its new Vikendi Snow Map is to be launched next month with PUBG PS4, but it has been leaked even before launch. Please tell that PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is an online battle game that many players can play simultaneously.

Recently, the new Season 4 update has been released for the mobile version of this game, and a few weeks ago Sanhok Map for PUBG PC was also released.

PUBG Snow Map – Launched Date, Snow Map Leaks

The PUBG Snow Map was announced on Microsoft’s stage at E3 2018 and will be released as the fourth map for the PUBG MOBILE. And Snow Map Size Are mostly Same Like Erangel and Sanhok. is eight kilometers by eight kilometers. And the Snow Map Release date currently not announced, and when it’s announced I will inform you. but we get some information from PUBG MOBILE Team, and the good news is ( you can see Snow map in PUBG MOBILE in End Of December 2018 ) I hope snow map will some the last month of 2018. because PUBG MOBILE map is specially made for winter.

Vikendi is the 4th playable map that is in the works for BATTLEGROUNDS, Vikendi is a 6×6 island on the Adriatic Sea.

Development on this map began sometime in 2017, a map was teased on June 10th, 2018 in the ‘Microsoft E3 2018 conference‘ video.

Vikendi is enveloped in dense/thick forest, another aspect of the island is its warm Mediterranean coastline and snowy mountains in the central area of the map.

PUBG Snow Map – Launched Date, Snow Map Leaks

According to the PUBG PS4 PS Store description, it can be said by looking at the Vikendi Event Pass, PUBG Vikendi Map and Vikendi Snow Map can be released simultaneously. It is also being speculated that PUBG Vikendi Snow Map and PS4 may be released on December 7.

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