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India ranked 109th in internet speed Test by Ookla

In terms of mobile internet speed, India’s position in the world is 109, and in the case of fixed broadband, it is 76, where as it has registered an increase of 15 percent. This information has been received from SpeedTest Global Index of Ookla November.

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A statement released here on Tuesday said, “In the beginning of 2017, the average mobile download speed in India was 7.65 mbps, but by the end of the year, it increased to 8.80%, which is 15% increase.”
While the speed of mobile broadband has increased marginally, but the speed of fixed broadband has increased dramatically, the average speed of fixed broadband in January was 12.12 mbps, but it increased to 18.82 mbps in November, which About 50 per cent jump.
In November, the highest mobile speed in the world was recorded in Norway, which was 62.66 mbps. Singapore was the highest fixed broadband, where an average download speed of 153.85 mbps was recorded..
The speed of both mobile and fixed broadband is improving fast in India, it is good news for all Indian customers, even if they have any plan of any operator,” said Douglas, co-founder and general manager of Ookla.
However, India will take a lot of time to reach the top countries in the world of speed. “


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