How to Increase Website Traffic Best SEO Techniques For website on page and off page

SEO is the best way to get the maximum traffic to your website. Knowing some of the Best SEO Techniques are applying them, you will see a significant increase in traffic on your website. Although there are many more ways to get traffic on the website but all other than SEO send temporary traffic to your website. When you post a content on your website and share it on Social Media, you receive some Refferal Traffic which is a temporary traffic and stops coming after one or two days. But when you use these SEO Tehniques appropriately, the traffic will continue for a long time.

On-Page SEO Techniques To Increase Organic Traffic:
On-Page SEO Techniques are those that we usually use in our website’s Page, Posts, Titles, Headlines etc. Due to being used on the website or page, they are called On-Page SEO Techniques.
Use Keyword in Title Tag:
Your website’s Title Tag is an important factor in SEO. Your Title should be Keyword Rich. You should use a Keyword Rich Phrase as a title, as well as be Attractive.
Long-Tail Strategy:
Using Long-Tail Keywords at Your Page or Post is called Long-Tail Strategy. Long-Tail Keywords A set of keywords or Keyword Phrases that are very much related to the product or service you provide. Whenever a Client or Visitor searches for that key-phrase, there is a greater likelihood of getting higher rank of your website in Search Results. Like if your keyword is “Seo Techniques”, then your Long Tail keywords can be: “10 SEO Techniques to Improve Your Search Ranking”. Long Tail Keywords are very important nowadays because these are very specific and therefore search engines give such importance to such posts.
Be sure to use keywords in your Page and Headline:
To increase your Search Engine Ranking, most keywords contribute. So wherever you think that we can use our keyword here, we must use it. Use your Keyword on your Homepage, About Page or any other page as well. To increase traffic to your website, you should also use Keyword in your Post’s Headlines.

Use the right keywords:
In the search engine, the rank of the appropriate keywords help, But the unsuitable keywords harm your ranking. So make sure you have enough Keyword Research before selecting keywords. Always adopt any keyword with keeping its Search Volume visible. Using the more searchable search keywords, your website traffic will increase greatly soon.
Make your website easy to navigate:
You should keep your website Easy to Navigate. Easy to Navigate means that any of your content or pages should be within two or more than three clicks from your website’s homepage. This will not make the visitor and search engine find it difficult to find your content. When you keep your content in three clicks, then it comes quickly to the search engine and it easily increases the traffic. You can learn how many clicks are from your content homepage by looking at its URL. For example, in the site, the page faqs.html is on four clicks and finding it will work harder for both Search Engine and Visitor.
Reduce Your Website’s Load-Time:
Do you know that the ideal time to load any website is 2 to 3 seconds. If there is more than 3 seconds load-time, visitors to our website can fall by up to 40%. Sometimes we add more size pictures to our posts, or we install many unwanted plugins. As well as for other reasons, our website load-time is increased which increases the chances of the decreasing traffic. For this, we should uninstall all the unnecessary plugins and optimize for Pictures with the help of Photoshop.

Make Meta Description attractive:
Meta Description does not help much in our Website’s Search Engine Optimization, but it attracts people towards our website. Its 160 characters look exactly below our headline in search results and visitors often visit the website after reading it. If our Meta Description is Attractive, then more and more people will visit our website.
Best Off-Page SEO Techniques To Improve Website Traffic:
Off-Page SEO Techniques are those we apply to other websites, blogs, social media, or any offline medium outside our website or page.

Use of Linkable Assets:
Linkable Assets are called Graphics that provide information to viewers and can be easily linked to any other website. Simultaneously, people also like to share and recommend them. One of the best examples of Linkable Assets is Infographics, which is currently being used a lot. Nowadays Free Tools is easily available for creating Info graphics, but for personalization, if you use Premium Contents, its effect is more.

Use social media:
Use social media to build your website’s audience. Share every piece of content on your website to social media, only for a short time but visitor comes to your website. This also has an impact on your Search Engine Ranking. The more visitors visit your website and share your content on Like, Share, Tweet or Google+, the more your ranking improves.
Backlinks means having links to your website on other websites. The link that a visitor clicks on to another website from another website is called Backlink. Backlinks is a very important part of Search Engine Optimization. The better and the higher page rank websites will have links to your website, the page rank of your website will improve.

How to create Backlings

When you write a comment or a guest post on any other blog or website or comment, then it is possible to get backlinks. You must make Guest Blogging on a famous blog related to your website’s Niche / Field to create High Quality Backlinks. To increase High Quality Backlinks, you can read our article How to Build Backlinks To Improve Page Rank.

Using SEO techniques well, our website continually offers targeted traffic. If you apply the best SEO Techniques mentioned above on your website, your website will soon become a place in the initial search results.


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