How To increase Adsense CPC and CTR In 2018

How To increase Adsense CPC and CTR In 2018

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How To increase Adsense CPC and CTR In 2018

Nowadays many bloggers are making money through Google Adsense from their blog. Some bloggers earn much more than Adsense, depending upon there Website Traffic, while some bloggers find good traffic on the website even though they do not get much more earning from Adsense. Google Adsense gives you money according to CPC and CTR, so you should always keep an eye on your CPC and CTR. The CPC and CTR are High then you can earn more money from your blog.

There are some of the best techniques to increase CPC and CTR, by following which you can earn a lot of money like other successful bloggers. But before knowing the techniques, you should know that what is the CPC and CTR?

What is CPC?

The fullform of CPC is Cost-Per-Click. This is the Amount that is received by Google Adsense Advertisers according to Per-Click on their Ad and provides you with cutting off your share. Lowering CPC depends on many factors like Blog’s Niche, Region of Visitors, and Blog Quality. For example, the Blog of News and Entertainment Niche, which is less than the Blog of Technology Niche, has very little CPC.

What is CTR?

CTR is Fullform Click-Through-Rate How many percent of visitors who visit your blog and visit Ads, click on your Ads this is your Click-Through-Rate. For example, if you visit an Ad from 1000 visitors who visit your blog and 15 visitors click on it, then your CTR will be 1.5%.

How To increase Adsense CPC and CTR In 2018

How to Increase Google Adsense Income?

To increase your income from Google Adsense, you should first increase the traffic coming to your blog. The more people read your blog, the more likely you are to get Ad Clicks and in the same way you get the money. However, blogs with more traffic sometimes make less money than blogs with less traffic. This is due to their lowering of CPC and CTR. If this is the case with you, then you can increase your CPC and CTR by following this Best Techniques.

How to increase CPC and CTR – Best Ways to Increase Google Adsense Earnings

Adsense Ads Best Size and Location:

The size and location of ads appearing on your blog have the greatest impact on CPC and CTR. Placeing your Adsense Ads at the beginning of the blog post can lead to a significant increase in CTR as well as CPC value. Therefore, always place ads in the initial and middle part of Post, right below the post title, because most people do not read posts at the full down, so the CTR of the downward trend is less. The Ideal Size of Adsense Ads is 480 × 60, 300 × 250, 160 × 600 etc. Your effort should be that you place these Ads of Sizes in your Blog Post, this will improve your CTR very much.

Organic Traffic to Increase Adsense CPC:

Organic Traffic is what comes directly from Search Engine. Adsense Ads also depend heavily on CPC, Organic Traffic and Traffic Region. To increase Organic Trafic, you should optimize your Search engine for best use of Blogs and Long-Tail Keywords. Along with India, you also try to add Traffic to USA from your blog because CPCs are more likely to be received when traffic from developed countries like USA is clicked. CTR is also significantly increased by Organic Traffic.

How To increase Adsense CPC and CTR In 2018

Blog’s Performance:

Your blog’s performance also influences your CTR and CPC. Having Website Slow also has a negative impact on your Blog’s Traffic. To increase the Performance of Blog, first you should find a good Hositing Service like BlueHost, Hostgator whose server is Fast. To speed up your blog speed, select Fast and Responsive Theme and use the W3 Total Cache Plugin.

A fast website increases traffic to your blog and reduces load-time. Lowering load-time, you get higher CPC.

Type and Color of Adsense Ads:

There are many types of ads available in Adsense like Image Ads, Text Ads and Link Ads. You should choose both text and image ads for your blog. Also, you should also set Color of Ads according to your blog’s Color. For example, if your blog’s background is white, then your ad’s background should also be white. But if you want you can choose any other color, but choosing a single color increases the CTR and CPC value.

Category Blocking:

In Google Adsense you can find out which category of your ads are paying less? You can easily block the category in which the impressions are high but the CTR and CPC values provide less. Blocking category has a positive effect on CTR and CPC.

How To increase Adsense CPC and CTR In 2018

Add Google Search Box:

You add Google search box to your blog. This Search Box is displayed on your blog and whenever a visitor searches through it, it also shows Ads with Search results. The possibility of clicking on these ads is also high. So that they have higher CTR as well as higher CPC value.

You can increase your CPC and CTR significantly in 6 Techniques to increase earnings from the Google Adsense. Which will increase your earnings from your blog. If you know any other Technique which is not included in this article then write it in the Comment Box. If you have any questions in mind, then you must present it to us. Your suggestions and questions are always welcome.

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