How to earn money from YouTube

Make Money From Youtube You will first have to create your own channel on it. Youtube Channels is the Place where we upload our video content. For this, we have to create our own account on Youtube. YouTube is a service of Google, so if you have already created a Google Account, you can also use it to Login to Youtube or create a new account. Your Youtube Channel should be related to a specific Niche.

Before you can create a Youtube Channel, you should define its Niche and use the related keywords in the Youtube Channel. The title of your Youtube Channel should also be Genre Specific and Easy to Remember. This will make it easier for people to connect and remember.
Upload Your Video Content to YouTube:
After creating the Youtube Channel, you should upload your Video Content to it. When uploading a video, it should be kept in mind that it the Original content and Best Quality. His Clarity, Sound, and Lighting should be of excellent quality. The video should not be too long because viewers do not like to watch the long and bad quality video. If your video is an About long topic, then you can separate it by dividing it into several parts.Tag your video with Genre Specific Keywords to make it easier for viewers to find it on Youtube Search. Your effort should be to regularly upload new videos. By which you can maintain your Audience.
Extend your Audience:
Your audience at Youtube is the reason for your earnings. According to a research video with 1000 views, you can earn up to $1 on average (although earnings from Youtube are dependent on various things like content, visitors, Ads Clicks, Per Click Rate). Your earning will increase in the same proportion of the increase of audience. Therefore it is very necessary to increase the audience and maintain it. For this, please share your video with other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus etc. Communicate with your viewers in comments and answer the questions asked by them. Sometimes, make videos based on their questions and upload them. From this, the audience will be influenced by you and will remain with you.
Monetize your videos:
To start earning through your videos, you have to monetize them. Monetizing means that you are allowing Youtube to show an ad on your video. For monetization, it is necessary that your video is original and not copyrighted.
To monetize your video, click on Creator Studio on Youtube, and then click Status and features. After this, check the Monetization Option.
Link to Google Adsense:
After you check the Monetization Option on your Youtube Channel, you will have to link your Youtube channel with Google Adsense, which is available in the Monetization Settings in Youtube. Google Adsense shows advertisements related to your videos and whenever a viewer clicks on it, you get money




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