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How to earn money from WhatsApp? – Easy ways to make money online at home


How to earn money from WhatsApp? This is a very good question. So today we discuss this question in details.

Today, you see a smartphone in the hands of every person, some of them have cheap phones and some have expensive phones.

When we are talking about a smartphone it is a matter of fact that whitespace will definitely be used.

The person who goes to the office or office, is spending more time on whats now on till now as well as the housewife.

Friends, you know that Whatsapp is one of the biggest messaging platforms in the world, through which the person sitting far away, when the mind is asked.

Through a survey, it was found that in more than 180 countries worldwide, WhatsApp is being used, and in today’s time more than 1 billion active users are on WhatsApp.

It is unbelievably true that after the arrival of WhatsApp, it has become very easy to interact with our knowledgeable people, due to the increasing feature of WhatsApp, due to the increasing feature of the video, it is possible to make the video call available at very cheap rates.

Many people use the WhatsApp only for the entertainment, some people used it for reading, the world also learn about the news. Because any big news becomes very viral easily through whatsapp.

As much as I have told you so much about whatsapp you have probably already know but now that I am going to tell you, it may be able to give you happiness too, and it may also happen that after reading that matter, Sleep in the night

Do you know that you can earn money through WhatsApp?

If you are not sure, then now believe that by the end of this article I will tell you how to earn money from WhatsApp, and if you are happy, then read this article till the end and with full knowledge You also start earning money from WhatsApp.

How to earn money from WhatsApp?

Where we are giving 4/5 hours to Whitsap, why not give some time to whitspeap?

I am not speaking wrong, right? So let’s know the process now.

How to Make Money with Whatsapp – Make Money with WhatsApp in Hindi

1: smartphone

2: good internet connection

3: Whatsapp Group which has a lot of membership

How to earn money from WhatsApp, you need a number of people who use whatsapp on a regular basis.

You can find such numbers from different WhatsApp group. If you want to create a group on whatsapp you can call your friends and then your friends, add friends and friends to this group, this can help you reach more people in a very quick time.

I’m going to get you 5 ways to earn money from WhatsApp, you follow the way you like it. So let’s know that 5 ways-

# 1. How to earn money from Whatsapp by affiliate marketing?

⇓ (Affiliate Marketing) ⇓

In today’s time, a very good way to make money has become affiliate marketing; now, in your opinion, the question is, what is affiliate marketing? So let me tell you now what is affiliate marketing?

This is a method of commission based marketing, in which we promote the product of any company by promoting online and when the goods are sold, then the company gives us the commissioned commission. This process is called affiliate marketing.

Now you might be thinking that you will be promoting the product of a company, so let me tell you-








What is the process of earning through affiliate marketing?

Step 1:

First of all, you must join affiliate marketing with any of the above given companies.

Step 2:

Now you have to link the link of that product to Whitsap Group.

Step 3:

When any member of that group purchases that product by clicking on that link, then you will get the prescribed commission.

#2. Link Shortening – How to Earn Money at Home

This is a simple way, the website to shorten a lot of links on the internet is unavailable, making an account, you have to shorten the link and share it in your Whitespap group.

The best link shortening website is: –




What is the process of earning through shorting url?

step 1:

By clicking on these links, visit the site and register it.

Step 2:

After that, shortcode by submitting the link of any video or film there.

Step 3:

Then share its link in the WhatsApp community.

Step 4:

When a member clicks on that link, your earning will start.

# 3 Pay Per Download – Tips to Make Money Online at Home using Whatsapp

On the Internet you will find many such PPD sites where you have to update the files. The more files that you download from that site, the more money you earn.










Daily Uplaods

What is the process of earning through Pay Per Download?

step 1:

Register at these websites |

Step 2:

Now you can update the file of any video or anything in it.

Step 3:

Now let’s share the link to whatsapp group.

Step 4:

The more time that file is downloaded, the more profits you get.

# 4. Refer and Earn Website – How to Earn Money from Whatsapp

There is a lot of company that gives money on referencing, it means that as you have heard the name of PayTM.

PayTM is a company that you share if you download a PayTM from that link, then PayTM will render money.

PayTM is the only one example, I am telling you the name of some other website besides you can earn money by sharing its link.





Google Tez









What is the process of earning through Refer and Earn Website ?

step 1:

First of all go to these sites and register yourself.

Step 2:

Now let’s share the link in that whitspeap group.

Step 3:

As soon as a member of that group registers himself by opening the site from the link sent to you, your income will be made.

# 5. Paid Promotion – How to Make Money on WhatsApp

Let’s say that some of your friends have started a new job, now they have to reach that work far away. Now in this way you can share them in the Whitespap group by sharing things in them and make them special and can earn some amount for themselves.

Friends, there were 5 best ways through which you can easily earn money through WhatsApp.

If you have any doubts regarding how to earn money from WhatsApp, you can ask by comment, otherwise do not forget to comment on the article, and if you want, you can share this information with WhatsApp with your other friends.

Thank you for reading this article till the end of my dear friends …!



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