How to earn money from UC union (Complete Guide)


Hey Guys, Welcome to Our Website in this article I am going to tell you Top How to Earn Money From Uc Union so read this article till the end

Friends, today we will know what is Uc Union. How does this work and how much money is earned from Uc Union? If you have a website then you can also earn good money from Uc Union.

We all want to earn money and for this, we keep looking for different ways to earn money so that we can earn money and fulfill all our needs.

Even before that, I have told you a lot of ways to earn money so that you can earn money by sitting at home online. If you have a website then you can earn money from it in many ways.

In today, a new way to earn money from the website will tell you about the Uc Union. Today, we will talk about what is Uc Union, how it works, how money is earned from Uc Union, and how to create an account on Uc Union.

How to earn money from UC union (Complete Guide)

To earn money from Uc Union, first, you need to have a blog on which a good number of traffic is coming and most of the traffic should reach around 50-70% of the mobile.

Because the Uc Union ads network is specifically designed to target mobile visitors, these networks are best for 80% of all traffic comes from mobile.

There is no doubt that Google Adsense is the best advertising network, but getting new ads is not enough for newbie bloggers.

Adsense rules are hard to approve because of the strict rules, so you can earn money from your blog using the option of Adsense.

Uc Union is also considered as the best ads network, you can earn good money just like Adsense if you have a good traffic from mobile to your blog, you can also earn 50-60 thousand rupees from UC union.

So now without delay, let us know what the Uc Union is. How it works and how are the money earned from the Uc Union?

What is Uc Union? 

UC Union is an advertising network similar to the rest of the ad network, but this network is designed to target visitors coming from mobile and its ads show on the mobile.

As we get some codes in the rest of the ad network, we also get them in UC union just like they are on their blog.

Those we put on our site and when a visitor comes and downloads those apps by clicking on those ads, we get money.

In addition to code, you also get link ads, which increases your earnings and more.

Nowadays 80-90% of traffic comes from mobile but many visitors coming from mobile use such browser which has an ads blocker and ads do not show up.

So in this way, you can link links to UC union on your blog so that visitors can go through those ads and download the apps and give you money after UC union.

How does the Uc Union Ads Program work?

Here’s what Uc Union is you may have known. Now let us now understand how this Uc Union network works.

Friends, this network is designed to promote mobile apps, whenever an advertiser gives their apps for promotion in this network, then they publish those apps to the publisher.

And publishers put these apps on their website, after which if any visitor comes and downloads those apps then UC union pays money in return for it.

Along with Apps, you also get referral links which you can put on your blog or even share it on Facebook.

So if anybody installs the app by clicking on those links, then you get the money.

Today many advertisers are taking the help of UC union to make their apps popular because Uc Union’s special work is to install the apps in the logo of the mobile.

You may have come to know what Uc Union is and how it works. Now I tell you how to get money from Uc Union.

How do you get money from Uc Union?

These questions will be in everyone’s mind that after getting money from UC union, how do we get it? How much money is earned by Uc Union? Can Ik Union’s money be found in the bank account? There are even more questions related to making money from this kind of Uc Union.

There are many ways to take money from Uc Union such as wire transfer, PayPal, web money, payoner, etc. You can take your earned money.

When your earning turns 10 $ then you can get your payment, whether you want to transfer all the money directly through your wire transfer to your bank account, which is sent to you after the 25th of the month.

Now let us know how to create a new account on Uc Union to earn money from Uc Union.

How to create a new account on Uc Union?

Creating an account on UC Union is not a big task, you can easily get approval from within 3 days, regardless of any niche website you run.

All you have to do is follow carefully all the steps I have told and your account will be approved soon and you will also start earning money.

Step 1:
1. First of all, you have to go to the official website of UC union.
2. Now you have to click on the signup button.

Step 2:
A new page will open before you click, in which you have to give your details to register.

How to Earn Money From Uc Union

1. Username enter
2. Fill your email address.
3. Put password from a strong.
4. Fill the name of your country here.
5. If you want to give your contact details, you can choose your facebook id by choosing Facebook.
6. Fill your mobile number
7. Here you have to enter the security code.
8. After that, make rules carefully and click on agree.
9. Once you see the information given by yourself and then click on submit button.

Step 3:
Once you submit it, a new page will open in front of you, which is your dashboard and you have to first verify your email.

The email you have given will come with a verification link that you have to click on, after which you have to open your dashboard again.

After the dashboard is open, click on the management button.
Subsequently, the application/site will have the option of clicking on it.

How to Earn Money From Uc Union

Step 4:
On clicking, you will open a new webpage in which you will need to fill some of your important information such as –

1. Select your country name.
2. Select the type of id you want to insert.
3. Upload your id.
4. If you want a promotion for a program, then select it.
5. Select how long your company has been in the affiliate marketing space.
6. Select how much time has been done by mobile marketing.
7. Tell us how you came to know about Uc Union.
8. If you have worked with UC union before, then yes and no, then select no.
9. Click on the Continue button.

After clicking, you will have another page open in which you have to tell about the traffic of your blog.

1. Most of your site comes by saying traffic, select it.
2. Select how much traffic you have from the mobile.
3. Select 3 countries for marketing.
4. Select your campaign’s work.
5. If you want to use cpi, yes and if not want to click on No.
6. Select whether to use server tracking or not.
7. Now select Uc News.
8. Now click on submit button.

Friends, you have just applied for UC union account. Your account will be approved within 2 to 3 days and you will still be able to know through email.

Once your UC union account is approved, you can put UC union ads on your blog.

So, friends, I hope you have understood that Uc Union is how it works and how money is earned from Uc Union, how the account is created on Uc Union.

But if you have a question regarding Uc Union, then you can ask by commenting in the comment box below.

Friends, today I told you about How to earn money from UC union (Complete Guide) about it. I hope you would love this information and now you have also learned How to earn money from UC union (Complete Guide).

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