How Search Engines Work?

There are millions of web pages related to the same subject on the Internet, but when we type any of the Search Query in the Google Search Box, the best results that are related to that search query are displayed on the page first.

The main task of the search engine is to scan the millions of webpages available on the internet and display the best results first, and the search engine uses various Search Engine Algorithms (the rule of ranking of search results) to do so.


First of all the information about every page is obtained by scanning billions of webpages on the Internet through search boats or software, this process is called crawling.

Ranking and Indexing:

After crawling, all web pages are indexed by ranking them in different ways. Thousands of search engine algorithms such as keywords / Search Query, Country, Content Quality, Backlinks, Reliability, Relevancy are considered for the ranking of webpages so that the best posts related to Search Query are first displayed.

Search Query & Search result:

When the Internet user searches the search by entering anything in the search, the software of the search engine immediately displays the most relevant webpages from the first indexed web pages in less than a second.

Why SEO is important

Most visitors to any website are accessed by the search engine. Therefore it is very important to be seen on the front pages of every website’s search engine.

In the search engine, the process of Crawling, Ranking & Indexing, Search Result etc. is very complex, which is done by Automated Software from Search Engine. If a website does not use SEO, then Google Bots (software) makes it difficult to understand the webpages of that website and therefore it becomes difficult for that website to appear in the search engine.

Therefore, the main purpose of SEO is to make our website Search Engine Friendly so that the search engine can understand the information on our website and display it in the search engine.


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