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Are you a new blogger? It is obvious that you will not have enough budget to buy a good theme for your blog. So today we have to tell you Top 5 Most Popular Free WordPress Themes List that looks exactly like Premium but are absolutely free.

There is no such blogger. Who does not want his blog’s design to be good, along with Fast Loading and SEO Optimized too. Because these are the three things. Forcing your readers or visitors to come to your blog.

But it is a matter of thinking that we can not buy New Bloggers, a Fast and Responsive WordPress Themes. Because they are quite expensive. Since we do not have much budget in the beginning. So that we could put that money. In my opinion, it is not right to put so much money for the theme.

“5” Best Premium Looking Free WordPress Themes List

Well, it is mandatory for bloggers to research people. And we have to spend more time on the Internet and Websites. In this process, we have to go through various types of websites and blogs on the Internet.

But watch out for. Design of some of the blogs or websites from them is quite attractive. And they leave an impression in our mind. This is the reason why we want to visit them again. This is a cool Website Theme.

The above thing I told you is also applicable to our blog. So why not keep the design of your blog or website attractive too. So that anyone wants to visit our website again and again.

And all this will be possible only when we use a great Responsive Theme on your WordPress Blog. But the biggest problem is that New Bloggers do not have much budget. They can not afford a good WordPress theme.

That’s why I thought why a list of Free WordPress Themes should be prepared. You can also make your blog Fast and Attractive by downloading Free WordPress Themes.

Now let’s know without delay. After all, what is the Free WordPress Themes, which I have included on this list.

1. IonMag – Free News Theme

You may already know this theme. But if you are a New Blogger. And you are searching for a free WordPress theme. So this can prove to be the best theme for you. Let’s know why it’s best.

You must have heard of Newspaper Theme. Because it is currently one of the most popular WordPress Themes List.

Now you might be thinking why am I talking about Newspaper Theme? Is not it? I am just telling that I am talking about this Premium WordPress Theme.

For your information, let us know that ionMag Theme is also created by the same developer who has created the Newspaper Theme. The name of the developer of this two WordPress theme is tagDiv. Which are listed in Top Developer on Themeforest.

The only difference between these two themes is that the free and premium versions of ionMag will be found. But Newspaper Theme is a Premium Theme. And it has become the choice of 62,000+ people so far.

So let us know about some of the main features of ionMag Free WordPress Theme. This is a WordPress theme that gets free even when it gives Premium Look.

Features Of ionMag – Free News Theme

The most striking thing about this theme is that it fits for every kind of websites or blogs. or example, you can choose this theme for News, Publishing Websites, Magazine and Newspaper.

  • Fully Responsive: Yes Yes it is a Responsive WordPress Blog Theme. It looks attractive in Mobile and PC browsers. It’s a Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme.
  • Front Page Builder: The Front Page’s design means a lot to focus on the attention of your visitors towards your blog. And what’s the point if this feature is found in a Free WordPress Theme.
  • Clean Coding: Yes I believe this is not a feature! But for blog’s Fast Loading it has a great role. Because there are very few free themes with Coding Clean.

Apart from all these features like Modern Layouts, Premium Widgets, Intelligent Ads, you will also find them in this theme.

Download Free – ionMag News Theme

With the help given above, you can download this powerful Free WordPress Theme.

2. Ribbon – Free Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

Do you want a theme that will load your website like Rocket Speed? So this Free WordPress Theme is the best choice! But how. Let’s know.

Yes, friends, who are such a Blogger who would not want their blog’s Speed Speed to be quite fast. And this Factor also matters to your blog’s ranking too. Because the king of search engine i.e. Google gives more attention to those websites whose loads are good.

And find out this feature in a free theme of what could be better for you. Get your Ranking Boost too and you get popular in this field as soon as possible.

Ribbon Theme – Page Speed Test Result

If you are a blogger then you must know about MyThemeShop These also come in the list of Top Developers in creating WordPress Theme. And Ribbon is also made by these. You will be able to see both its free and premium versions.

Features Of Ribbon – Free WordPress Magazine Theme

There are more work features than Speed. So let’s take a look at some of these main features.

  • SEO Ready: You know how much SEO is needed for a blog. And this theme is absolutely lightweight. Comes with Clean Code. Which is better for SEO.
  • Left or Right Sidebar: This theme comes with the type of Sidebar option. With the help of which you can make sure that the sidebar is to the right or left.
  • Social Media Button Widget: Many Free WordPress Themes have this problem that they do not have this feature. Due to this, we have to install Plugin separately. But this feature already exists in Ribbon.

These were the main features of this. Also, like the features of the work, Unlimited Background Options, Related Posts, Shortcodes, Author Box are also given.

Live Demo

Download Free – Ribbon Theme

You Can Download It Free. And you can see its Demo too! Visit Live Demo for this.

3. ColorMag – Magazine Style Free WordPress Theme

If you work on a news or magazine blog, you can use this free WordPress theme. This Theme gives you lots of features in Free.

This WordPress Theme created by ThemeGrill will be found in both Free and Premium versions. And its developer claims that at the moment has become the # 1 Most Popular WordPress Theme in the category of Magazine-Newspaper.

If I did this, then I used to use this theme in the beginning. Since being Free version it has been given Limited Features. But this is a great theme. Because I have used it myself.

Features of ColorMag – Magazine Style WordPress Theme

Why did I put this theme at number three? You will know its features right now. Then let’s know about its main features.

  • Sticky Menu: What’s the matter. These features are only given in most Premium WordPress Themes. But the good thing is that you will find this feature in its Free version too.
  • Author Bio box: The Widget Box by which an article has been published is called Author Bio. That is, just below the end of the post. So this theme is also lash with this feature.
  • Scroll to Top Button: This is considered a necessary feature. As much as our readers will be cooperating, the better it will be on our blog. Due to the length of the article, it takes time to scroll through the bottom of the page. With the help of this property, we come up from the bottom in One Tap.

There are also more features in this theme, Date Info, Category Color Options, WooCommerce Compatible.

Live Demo

Download Free – ColorMag WordPress Theme

If you want to say it again, then it is a great theme! You must try this one.

4. GeneratePress – Lightweight, Responsive WordPress Theme

Well, it’s a Premium WordPress Theme. But a free version has also been made. Which you can download at

This is a very lightweight WordPress theme. And because of this speciality, it is a lot faster load. The backbone of this theme is also its speed.

If we find a Free WordPress Themes and which are also SEO Friendly, what could be better than that. Yes, by looking at the Coding of this theme, you can estimate how fast and SEO Friendly it can be.

And I’ve just added it to this list for just SEO Friendly Free WordPress Themes. Which will help you rank your blog in Google Search Results on First Page.

Features Of GeneratePress – Lightweight Theme

What is the biggest feature of it, I have already told you. Take a look at some of its other features too.

  • Plugin Compatibility: Some such plugins are also present in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Not all Themes support. All the plugins will be compatible with this theme.
  • Layout Control: In this theme, you can easily control the Layout. Like, Padding, Sidebar Layout, Margin and lots more.
  • Page Builder Friendly: Do you also use a Page Builder. If yes then this theme supports all Page Builder.

These were some of its main features. But you can also use colours and typography and translation in it.

Live Demo

Download Free – GeneratePress Lightweight Theme

This theme is also available in the WordPress Theme Directory. And you can download it from there too.

5. StyleBlog – A Minimal Light-Weight & Featured WordPress Theme

Free WordPress Themes on the Internet will meet so much. But after searching for something, I liked this theme. And I kept it in fifth place. Let’s know its features.

If something is said about this theme then it is a very nice design theme. And this is also this plus point. Because its design looks quite eye-catching.

I have included this free WordPress Themes list by looking at its attractive design. Along with it, it is responsive too. One thing, brother, whatever the theme is, it is very important to be responsive.

Features Of StyleBlog – Minimal & Featured WordPress Theme

Right now we are talking about its free version. So there are some limited features in it too. You Need to Know.

  • Drop Down Menu: By the way, this option is almost available in all the Themes. But in the Free version of this theme, you will also be able to create such a menu.
  • Recent Post Layout: You will get the Layout to show a Recent Post in different it. Which looks quite catchy.
  • Translation Ready: It’s great that it supports the translation of your language. Yes, you can show your blog’s language by changing it with a third party plugins.

So these were some special features that could prove beneficial for you. Be sure to use it once.

Live Demo

Download Free – StyleBlog Light-weight Theme

I have included this list for you in view of this special design. If you like this theme then be sure to install it on your Blos.

Last word (Conclusion):

As far as I think you must see one of these Free WordPress Themes List installed on your blog. Because all of these are Responsive and SEO Friendly Themes.

… and if you are a New Blogger then you use one of these at the moment. Later when you have a budget, you can buy a great premium WordPress theme.

Friends, today I told you about Top 5 Most Popular Free WordPress Themes List 2019 about it. I hope you would love this information and now you have also learned Top 5 Most Popular Free WordPress Themes List 2019.

If you want more information about Top 5 Most Popular Free WordPress Themes List 2019 Post or you to want to ask anything else, then you can ask us by commenting in the Comment box below. I will do my best to solve your problem.

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