Best Free Keyword Research Tools for Bloggers

Best Free Keyword Research Tools for Bloggers

Hey Guys, Welcome to Our Website in this article I am going to tell you Best Free Keyword Research Tools for Bloggers so read this article till the end.

Do you know about Best Free Keyword Research Tools? These tools make the task for blogger easy. In this post, we will discuss all free keyword research tools. Keywords are the most important part of SEO (search engine optimization). It helps to increase the search visibility of blog post and boost ranking.

The first important and main part of SEO is the keyword for basic foundation and keyword research come for SEO then after the other factors come such as On-Page Optimization, Content Quality. Many bloggers spend a lot of money on keyword research. But we are giving you the free keyword research tools for you. You don’t need to pay anything for these.



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What is Keywords?

The keyword is very important terms used for search engine optimization. If you use the good keyword then your site/blog ranking will go for high. Keyword also helps to boost the search engine ranking. You can generate a lot of traffic on your blog by using the good keyword. You can find the online tools to research the keyword. Move below for free keyword research tools.

Two Types of Keyword Research

1) Basic Keyword Research

Blogger uses this keyword research for profitable keywords.

2) Competitor Based Keyword Research

Blogger uses this type of keyword research for looking in competitor keywords. People use the competitor’s keywords and increase the traffic of the blogs.

Free Keyword Planner Tools

1) Keyword Revealer

Keyword Revealer is a good free keyword research tool. You should use this also. It will show automatically keywords result. You just need to type your keyword and suddenly this tool will show you a lot of significant results. It helps you to improve the search result in search engine.

2) KW Finder

KW Finder is not only keyword research tool but it can also provide other necessary information as well. It gives the information about keyword like how much this keyword is competitive. It also gives information regarding PPC, SEO, search volume etc. Users can take help regarding other competitor’s site or blog. KW Finder helps you to check Keyword difficulty level. You can use this tool for FREE but there is a certain limit for use. After that, you need to subscribe.

3) Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the best keyword research tool. This is a product of Google and Google is the biggest brand in the internet world. You can use this for searching organic keywords. You need to write your keyword in this and select the country. It will give information about the search result and CPC. It also gives you the list of keywords. Use this free tool and search the keywords for your blog and boost the traffic.

4) Uber Suggest

Uber Suggest is also a very useful keyword research tool. You can find all the keyword suggestion in one place. It will provide a list of the original keyword. You can select the best and use for your blogs.


Keyword tool is an online keyword research instrument that uses the Google Autocomplete feature and gives the many long tail keywords for you. Google Autocomplete is a feature that used by google search. So if you use these keywords then it will more effective on Google search? Start using this free online keyword research tool and boost your site traffic and ranking.

6) Soovle

Free Keyword Planner Tools

If you have many channels and you want to research keyword then Soovle is the best tool for you. Soovle helps to give you the best searchable keywords. These will help you to improve the search ranking of your blog post. Start using this and boost the traffic of your blog.

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