App lock pattern and pin, gallery locker video and photos. Fingerprint applock

App lock pattern and pin, gallery locker video and photos. Fingerprint applock

Welcome to App Locker, this is an app locker fingerprint and password. The app locker master is a useful tool to protect your privacy.

Features of the application locker app 🔏
🔯 3 types of lock: app lock in pattern, app lock fingerprint and digital
🔯 Advanced app locker fingerprint & pin
🔯 Capture an image of anybody trying to touch your phone
🔯 Protect private items with app lock
🔯 Password recovery via email or security question
🔯 UI brings convenience to the user
🔯 Re-lock after a certain time in the fingerprint lock app
🔯 Free install contact locker app

Key features of the application lock app

[1] App lock apps with pin and pattern password 🔏
To start using the apps locker master, select all the applications you want to lock in your device. With a single touch, you can lock gallery picture and video, contact lock, lock photo album, lock messages and gallery.
The application supports 3 types of lock: lock apps with fingerprint, digital and pattern. Also recover your password by email and security question when you forget your password.


[2] Application locker and gallery hider

When you lock gallery hide pictures and videos with this video locker apps, you only see photos and videos in the secret gallery locker video and photos.

[3] Observer – Capture image 📷
If anybody is found trying to unlock your application, the application will take a picture of them and you can check it later.

Use app Locker now to protect your privacy. With the app password lock app, you will no longer worry about unauthorized access and confidentiality.
If you have any difficulties using the apps lock fingerprint and app lock message, please leave a comment, we will reply as soon as possible. Do not