15 Advance SEO Tools to Increase Organic Search And Traffic


Hello friends, today you are going to tell people about 15 Advance SEO Tools to Increase Organic Search And Traffic use these tools can help you search engine Optimization (SEO).

15 SEO Tools For Increase Search Ranking

1. Page Speed Insights

With the help of this tool, you can easily check the speed of your blog and what it needs to do – not just these improvements. You can also know that your Site Speed mobile What’s in and what’s in the laptop.

This tool has been created by Google and you will know that no Google tool can be inaccurate. Nowadays all bloggers find their site’s Issue here and then make changes in it.

2. Google Trends

Using the Google Trends tool, we can find out how much people are searching for the keyword they are targeting in their posts and how they can find out their volume.

With the help of this tool, you will know which keyword you should target in the post so that your post will be fast rank.

3. Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, we can completely track the Traffic of our website, from where the Traffic is coming from, what is the Bounce rate, which page is getting more views, New Visitors, and how many Returns the Old Visitor came back.

With this tool, you will understand what type of information people want to get, and then you can increase traffic to Blog by doing the same thing on your blog.

4. Moz Bar Extension

Moz bar is an extension that can be removed from any website or blog on page SEO details by adding a Chrome browser and can easily find out the link details of that website.

With this tool, you will understand how to do SEO on your blog

5. SEO Quake

SEO Quake is also an extension that can be downloaded by adding it to our Chrome browser. This will benefit us whenever we visit a website, with this extension we will get all the information about that website.

With this extension, you will understand a lot about Search Engine Optimization.

6. Copyscape

With the help of Copyscape, we can find out that the content we put on our blog does not make any copy for them, because nowadays people have stopped stolen work in the house. Today theft in the digital world is being done online

With this tool you will benefit from this that whenever someone steals your content, you will get alert, then you can complain to Google and delete that content.

7. GT Metrix

With the help of this tool, we can also check the speed of our blog, so we can also know why our website is Speed Slow.

I think this tool is very dangerous because it tells you what to do in your blog – it is easy to say.

8. Hootsuite

With the help of this tool, you can distribute whatever content you put on your blog to social media. It has both free and paid services in which you can add only 3 social accounts to free and you can add money to add more Will spend reading

9. Wayback Machine

If you want to know how the past look of a website looks first, then this tool can help you to know.

With this tool, you will be able to understand that the look of your website is better or not.

10. Sitemap Generator

A sitemap is also a part of Blog’s Seo, if you want to create a Sitemap for your blog, then you can create it with the help of this tool.

Your advantage from Sitemap will be that whenever you add a new post to your blog, Google will show your post on the search engine itself.

11. SEO Site Check-up

Friends, with the help of this tool you can SEO Audit your blog or website.

12. SEO Optimizer

Seooptimer is also an SEO Audit tool. This is a very good tool. With this help, we can find out where we need to do SEO – where Improvements need to be done.

13. Yoast SEO

The blog whose WordPress is on WordPress and has not yet installed a Yoast SEO plugin, so do it now because without it you can not grow your website.

Yoast SEO is a plugin that does well on Blog’s On-Page SEO.

14. Grammarly For Chrome

Friends, while writing a Blog Post it is very important to take care of some things, most of which should be given on spellings because if spellings are wrong in your post then people will start to ignore you gradually, so install Grammarly Extension in your Chrome browser. This will give you the advantage that whenever you make any spellings wrong then you will know.

Google does not like a site that lacks spellings too.

15. Open Google In Incognito Window

By opening Google in the INITIATIVE window, we can find out what is being searched on Google for the most, we just need to put the main keyword, the rest of the words start to show itself.

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